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Ray Porter from Maidstone says "Having owned Subaru Legacy Outbacks since year 2000. Clive at Benten's Autocare gives me excellent service. His knowledge and experience over many years is invaluable, in terms of both diagnostics and actual work."


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Subaru maintenance, advice based on experience. Wheel Bearing Noise: This is a fairly common problem on higher mileage Subaru’s and can occur on front or rear wheels. A droning noise becomes very evident at about 45/50 mph as the wheel bearing becomes worn and you have to keep turning the radio up! This problem is easily fixed by us with a new wheel bearing and seals and takes under 2 hours to fix if it all comes apart ok. Alarm Immobliser faults: We are experts on the Subaru Security Systems. To avoid problems make sure you replace your remote fob batteries every 2 years or if the signal gets weak. Make sure you know your security 4 digit PIN, it can save you from being locked out of your car. Cambelt Change: All Subarus need the all important cam belt change at 5 years/ 50,000 miles approx... apart from the 3.0 litre H6 which has a timing chain. Make sure yours does not get missed as breakage can cause serious engine damage. It isn’t necessary to change idlers and water pump by routine unless noisy but we Definitely recommend the tensioner is changed if showing signs of leakage. Check oil level regularly: Subaru's are extremely hardy and reliable but the most common cause of engine failure is "lack of engine oil". Remember to check yours is ok on a regular basis. Do not overfill. To fill from the lower to upper level is no more than 1 litre. If you get any oil drips or burning smell call us immediately.

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